You are welcome to serve with your skills, your gifts, your talents and expertise in the youth ministry, choir, children ministry, etc

You have been endowed with unusual abilities, gifts, talents and skills that can bring hope, succor and encouragement to others.

  • - Media and Communication Unit
  • - Medical, Health and Hospital Visit Unit
  • - Youth and Junior Church
  • - Seniors and Grey-haired Unit
  • - Ushering Unit
  • - Greeters and Hospitality Unit
  • - Counseling and Spiritual Guidance Unit: helping others to deal with fear and depression, mental health, family and relationship issues, Addictions to Alcohol, Sex and other substances, and other issues of life
  • - Prison Ministry
  • - Events & Wedding Planning Unit
  • - Special Missions Unit: Missions to inner cities in the US, Africa, Caribbean, South America and other parts of the world
  • - Cleaning Unit
  • - Security and Protocol Unit