March, 27 2020

The magnitude of the challenges we face in life and the increase of evil in our world has pushed many of us to a point, where we are questioning the existence of God. We have laid the blames of our failures and shortcomings on God. But:

  1. Questioning the existence of God shows that He exists
  2. The issues going on in your life and the increase of wickedness in our world are not His choices but ours.

God is sovereign, loving, compassionate and kind. He knows all that is going on in your life and our world. But He cannot break His code of ethics in the governance of our lives and world. “The heavens belong to our God; they are his alone, but he has given us the earth and put us in charge.” (Psalms 115:16).

Yes, God is alive! The outcomes of our lives and our world is in our hands. He has given us the Holy Spirit, to lead and guide us. Yield to God’s governing code – His word!

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